Donations are used to support the expenses associated with ongoing training, certifications, deployments, equipment, and K9 care. Your contributions are vital to our ability to provide these services at no cost to government agencies.

You Don’t Get Paid?!    How Can I Help?

·   We have PayPal! There is also an option on there to set up a monthly contribution!

·   Write a check! We have folks each year at Christmas time that send a small thank you for our services. If this is something you would like to do, or would like to do a one time donation at anytime, please email us and we’ll let you know where to send it!

·   Your contribution is also tax deductible!

Have land or a facility?

·   We are always seeking new training locations consisting of wooded acres, large buildings, or urban settings. These locations are vital for our training process as it provides different training scenarios so we are better prepared to help law enforcement during the real thing.  Do you know of or have a place that would meet our needs? Don't worry, we have insurance for any mishaps and we take great care of our locations and leave them better then we find them. Send us an email if you can help!

We are so grateful for your support.